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Sad to read of the passing of Mike Nolan. Nice guy. Another of my childhood buddies gone. He was a good athlete for Coyle and just a great guy. Rest in peace, Mike. Bliss Brothers is still going strong, Bristol Farms has expanded and built a deck so you can eat outside, and they now serve breakfast on it! They make French toast with masa Portuguese sweet bread, remember that?

There are finally lights at the entrance to the No. But the North End Deli still has the best damn Italian grinders with that sesame-seeded knotted roll and the chopped tomato and pickle and oil stuff they slather it with. Oh Dan!! It's a Family Day, different from what we've experienced in past reunions. I remember when he was my health teacher in 6th or 7th grade at Brennan - which is now a Bristol Community College campus! Would love to see ya there! I am in ohio and was wondering if morses pond is empty and if they still had pa club barbeques and if bliss brothers is still there and what about the bristol farms and is briggs nursery still operating whats going on back there let me know thanks.

They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, our baby cribs were covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We ate cupcakes, white bread and real butter and drank soda pop with sugar in it, but we weren't overweight because. We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the streetlights came on. We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then ride down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes.

After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem. We ate worms and mud pies made from dirt, and the worms did not live in us forever. We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and knocked on the door or rang the bell, or just walked in and talked to them!

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You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids, before the lawyers and the government regulated our lives for our own good. My own footnote: We actually sat at the dinner table together to eat most nights, and most families attended some kind of church service together. Could it be that those two little things actually made us feel a sense of responsibility and respect towards one another? Ha ha, Spit, loved your comments about fishing in the reservoir. I always wondered why they let people fish, boat, swim, etc in the water that would, eventually, come out of someone's faucet.

Does anyone know who's responsible for those memorial displays once they become nothing but trash heaps? There's one on Route 1 in No. All the stuffed animals, burned out candles and dead flowers and such are still there. Shouldn't her friends clear away their mess? They later moved to West St. On 12 July she married an Attleboro native me and after many years as an Air Force wife, she moved with our three children to Virginia Beach.

I am the most fortunate of men in having such a beautiful wife. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. John Buchanan: AOL says your e-mail is not valid. I read your Guestbook article and googled "Tex Barry's Diner. Anyway, Google led me to this directory and thought you'd be interested in the below Attleboro pic.

Note the cryptic Worcester comment … perhaps it was transplanted from Worcester? Anyway, I never frequented there. Are you part of the Buchanan clan from Nova Scotia circa ?? Casey's Diner is a Worcester diner from It was originally located in Framingham, MA. In , it was sold to Fred Casey and moved to Main St. It was moved to this location in It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features an all-oak interior. There is a take-out window to one side. Capitol Diner, Lynn, MA. The Capitol Diner is a Brill from There are only two Brills operating in the country and this is the most original.

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was originally called the "Miss Lynn Diner. For another photo, see this website. Love the Guestbook. All the comments about growing up in Attleboro are great. My family has been here for generations, my parents still live here. Is there any one out there that has 5 or more generations of graduates from AHS? Just curious to see if there is any one else? Catching up on all the nostalgia about growing up in NA.

I grew up on Pleasant St. Does anyone remember the Moriarty's German Shepard, Gus? If he were out, he'd chase you down the hill and scare us all. My first job, the day after I turned 16, was at JJ Newberry's. Still there and still called Fran's, even though Mike has probably owned over twice as long as Fran did. Joan Chabot and I would walk there before Mike's reign almost every night in the summer if we could scape up the cost of a hot fudge sundae and an order of french fries not the frozen kind.

I think they were 25 cents each. My older brother, Ronnie, saved Donnie Kelly's life one winter when they were on Morin's nearly frozen pond.

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Ron got off but Donnie fell in. Ron ran and got a ladder from a nearby home, stretched it across the ice and pulled Donnie out before the fire dept. Just reading all the old postings brought back many memories. We really get nostalgic as we get older. Thanks for sharing. During the summer on Thursdays, my wife and I stop at Tex Barry's and get some of those great hot dogs with the works and a coffee milk to bring to Capron Park where we sit and enjoy the concerts while eating the hotdogs.

Tex Barry's hot dogs and the Capron Park concerts have become a new tradition for us.

Calaméo - High Country Shopper

What led me to my search was to find out some more details about the diner's origins and past names. I know it was a s era diner and believe it was called George's Diner when I worked after school at Balfour's next door during the early '50s. Don is trying documenting all the New England diners before they are gone and he wanted to get down to Attleboro to do Tex Barry's. I offered to take pictures of Tex's and e-mail them to him, which I've done.

I also included an inside shot of the current owner of the Attleboro Tex Barry's at his usual spot behind the grill. If any of the regulars to the Guestbook could offer some history about the diner I'd appreciate it. If you'd like to do an arial zoom over Attleboro, or anywhere else in the world, go to another Google site called www.

You'll get hooked like I did. I just came back from Tokyo, Japan, where I was able to find the Pacific Maridian Hotel I used to stay at 10 years ago when I was there frequently on business, just by flying over the city and following the rail lines. Not all areas of the world are in sharp focus with the free download version, but you can't beat the price for 'round-the-world or neighborhood arial fly-overs.

There is far too much tv watching and video game playing. Growing up we walked everywhere and so did my kids. My kids were allowed one hour of tv per day. They read books. They learned far more from the books than they did from tv. Has all logic been lost? I understand the concern for "homeland security," but how will banning fishermen insure the safety of the water supply? Am I alone in thinking that if someone were intent on poisoning the water that it would be done in spite of this ban? This is getting a little ridiculous, don't you think? What's next? A chip in the back of everyone's neck?

Don't laugh. Re: contacting cable 9 - You can get onto the Internet, but you cannot use a telephone book? Does the word "Duh" ring a bell? Here's what this site is all about. Every place we live better have wonderful memories - if not, you're not living life right! Will someone kindly provide a means of contacting Public Access Channel 9 Comcast so I or anyone can tell them that their on-screen time hasn't been advanced to reflect daylight savings time.

As a high-tech provider of access for educational news, it makes them look stupid. Many thanks. Tom, just reading over your questions on Bliss School. Irving Studley who wrote books on Attleboro's history was the principal when I went there '40s ; Mr. Gilda was talking about Shield's. Do you remember when there was nothing but an empty field there? I think that was the first company to occupy the building. Bay State moved to New York in '53 or '54 and we were out of a job unless we moved to New York with them. We lived on Holman St.

We walked everywhere growing up because we lived so close to everything. More than one car in the family was unheard of and most times not even that. It is not forever, and it is important to make those contacts. I think one of the best things about remembering the city in its former glory, it gives us a chance to remember those friends and family that made our lives more complete.

Burbank from A. S back in helped me realize things about myself then that changed the way I viewed life and people. So don't be afraid to communicate because your words might actually change the hearts of others you don't even know. When we moved to Florida three years ago, one of my first calls was to Bob Green and his wife Sue who had moved down here quite some time before me. We had a nice chat and promised we would get together. We only live about an hour from them. We never got together and now I read that he has died at 60 and that he was preceeded in death by his wife some time ago.

Message: Make those old contacts and see people you care about. Send notes. Make calls. Have lunch. Get together and have a few laughs. It ain't forever folks. No time like the present to act. Take care, all. Call again, Priscilla, I don't have your number. Hello, Jackie, wherever you are. What I personally wouldn't give to see the old teachers again, or to see how they are today! Coombs later on for third grade, who made me grow a love for books … ah, that "Charlotte's Web" break every day … I loved her reading to us … what a wonderful soul she was … so genuine.

In fourth grade I had Miss Solomon, and at that point, the year was Does anyone remember the music teacher that serviced Tiffany … she was a frail woman, but nice, Miss Hesketh, I want to say. Spit, that's so nice that you named your daughter Bethan y… to tell youthe truth I hated my name growing up … no one had ever heard of it, they used to call me Stephanie, Tiffany, etc…. Was I in any of your classes? Tiffany was the best school!! Combes for third. I went to Willett for 4th and 5th grade.

Dan F. I will tell him you said hi. I'm bringing my kids down to Attleboro for our April vacation … hang out with nanee and granpa and go to Capron … they love exploring all the places I went when I was a kid.. I take them to Hayward Field in the summer, and stuff like that. Attleboro was a great place to be as a kid … I just hope my kids feel the same way about Salem when they grow up!! Would love to hear from more people from my past!!!

Dear Spit: Yes, I remember that windy October when the woods went ablaze! Rememeber my brother rushing into the old garage and grabbing the red can … thinking it was water to put the little fire out, but it was really GAS. I think there is a new housing development now where the woods were. My brother and I were never close nor do we speak.

It used to bother me, but I'm very close to and very much like my half brother. We even look more alike, too. Yes, you were my brother's friend, but out of all my brother's friends … you were the only one who was so nice to me and I always thought your sister were so blessed to have a brother like you. Your sisters I adored and still do. Karen I would love to see again! She was one of my very best friends, too, I would have to say … the most fun too. She used to make me laugh so hard my sides would ache! When you see her … hug her for me. Now as for teachers at school … I had Miss Henson for first grade not my best yr and this teacher used to pinch my ear … I swear that is why one ear is bigger than the other.

Lafontain 2nd grade, she was wonderful to me, but she was hard on boys. Combs 3rd grade, I learned the most from. Miss McMahon 4th grade, she was my all-time best teacher … everything I have needed or used in my life, I learned from this wonderful lady. We moved just as I was starting Studley. That school was so different. I was afraid of the snake in the science class … remember the snake?

I think it's name was Arthur. Recess you got to buy candy … now that was cool! Never thought I would miss school … but I do. Spit, you blow my mind. I know you e-mailed me and we found out we were close in age but a few years apart. I am Dan F's year, but man, you guys … teachers! Frick at Willett. I still remember her angry green eyes as she yelled at me because I was making fun of Jeff Estey. We once had a mock of a circus and somebody sold peanuts we could throw at the 'elephants.

I see them now from my mom's window at Rivercourt. We walked over there not long ago. It looked so much smaller than when I was 5! Spatcher wife of Spatcher namesake pool. She tied a boy's hair in a red ribbon because she said he was acting like a baby. I still remember his name. I was afraid of her, but liked Mrs.

Scublinsky - if there is anyone out there who had her in the cafeteria-turned-classroom at Studley, well … we laugh together.

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  • We had a tall skinney guy who looked like Dick York - 'Darrin' from Bewitched. The rest are a blur until AHS. Except a sweet French teacher in 8th grade. DiPaulo and Mr. O'Leary and Mr. Shame on the jerk who put acid in his Coke. We did have respect, although I was not alone when I was occasionally skipping school in Capron Park, now was I …?

    Although you were always "my sister's friend," my sister always thought of you as one of her BEST friends! Your brother was somewhat of an "odd duck," what today I would describe as a bit "eccentric. Please give him my best. As for my teachers at Tiffany, 1st grade was Mrs. I remember her as a "Plain Jane" type, a very nice teacher. I will always remember her because she used to read to the class every day after lunch.

    McGuire, who I remember as a pretty blonde. Nimiroski who was across the hall! The word around the playground was that you didn't want to be in that class! Of course, the legend of Mrs. Nimiroski was larger than the lady herself, but for a 4th grader, it was a serious life-changing event! Flag Day ceremonies were always memorable because the festivities coincided with graduation, the end of school! We would sing patriotic songs for our parents out on the basketball court which is now a tennis court for the condos.

    I also remember playing batball and hopscotch in the paved schoolyard. Home plate was near the corner of the school building near the door where you used to clap out the erasers and the batter always tried to hit the ball hard enough to get it over the hill into the street, but no one ever could reach it. Maybe steroids would have helped. Seems like yesterday. Dear Spit: You captured all the wonderful memories and I so miss those great times. Your family was very special to us, and I so miss your sisters. I wish Bob could have met you and your family … you guys made living in Attleboro fantastic.

    I know he would have enjoyed your friendship … you were such a cute boy and great friend to all. Deb: I remember those heavy swinging doors! Got my first black eye from one. First grade, Miss Henson's class. Do you guys remember all the teachers names you had? I do and often think of them. I loved that school. School used to have a Christmas program every year and field day was awesome!

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    Still have my relay ribbons! Thanks for the memories! I agree with spit, the city was a great place to grow up. Yes, there were some tough times and tough people, but I don't think a city is able to be an abuser, generally people are abusers. After a certain period of time you move on to brighter things,or in some cases move on to different places. One thing I do miss after all these years is the blade meat sandwiches. If the city is such an abuser then the blade meat sandwiches must have dulled the pain for many.

    Rock on Tiffany school! Rock on Tim A wherever you are. And hats off to the P. Club barbeque! These are just a few of the vivid memories from growing up in Attleboro. There are literally hundreds more. Bob, either you really didn't grow up in Attleboro or you didn't get out much. Where were you when all this was happening? Hi, Bethany. Just wanted to say HI! I remember you from Tiffany School. First row, first seat! I remember your brother Timmy from Tiffany also. Hope all is well with you and yours. I always thought your first name was so pretty and unique that I named one of my daughters after you.

    She's going to college this year. After my dad told us that we were distant relatives of the 2nd and 6th Presidents, I always thought of you as a distant cousin. Tiffany School … wow, I can still hear those heavy swinging doors in the corridors. The ceilings were so high, and the hard-wood floors so seasoned over the years, that whenever you walked alone or went through one of those doors you echoed. What a charming "old school" type of school she was in the day. I remember snack time, and getting a glass bottle of milk from Bliss Brother's Dairy with the paper flip cap, for 4 cents.

    I can't imagine what it must look like in there anymore, now that they've made condos out of those rooms!

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    And Tom, I learn something new everyday from you, my kindred spirit … the little red realtor's office on Bungay Road was a little school house?! It's so nice to check out the Guestbook and see everyone's memories of Attleboro. I have one, walking up County Street in the 6th grade on my way to choir practice at the Second Cong. Church … oing by the pPizza shop … stopping in the the little store next to the church for penny candy … I can't think of the name. I also remember while I was at Brennan having the biggest crush on this one guy. I think he may have written in to the Guestbook … Dan F.

    Growing up in Attleboro was great. I go back to see my parents and sister. I don't know if I would ever move back there after living in NH for all these years, but it was a great place to grow up!! You poor saps are remembering a place that never existed. Attleboro was a toxic slave-holder enclave that only a few managed to escape … and even those who escaped, as evidenced by some of these posts, never really got far enough away. Attleboro was the abuser, we were all the victims, and now we fondly recall the abuser. Everybody in this blog needs a crisis counciler … and maybe a good law firm to file a class action to recover damages from the cesspool called Attleboro.

    Thank God the mills have closed and all they are good for now is to provide bedrooms for Boston-bound commuters! At least they are not killing people any more. I worked at Shields during the Seventies not sure of the year for a short time. It later became Dante and I returned to work mothers' hours. Years later I visited a friend soon after the apartments were built. As you would imagine, it was entirely changed from the factory to what it is today.

    Her apartment was beautiful. I walked in and was sorta in awe knowing that I had once walked in the building that was once a factory. Speaking of condos … I know it's been a long time, but I just can't imagine anyone actually living inside of Tiffany School! About 25? He was on the lower level on the left in the front. He couldn't figure out why I had immediately burst out laughing. So, I explained that he was now living in the boy's bathroom!

    Does anyone remember a kid at Tiffany who got hit in the eye with a rock? I think his name was Steve Witherell? I only remember this because his eye swelled to the size of a softball and was black and blue for months. That was ugly! What a lovely Web site! Do you have a dog track? Wonder Chef had the best fish and chips in the world! Me and the 'ghetto' kids used to walk up there all the time for pizza and grinders. Aww, man, to get a good Greek non-chain pizza in VA! I will be flying home for it again to see Mom, even thought the damn D. Cherry Blossom Festival is the same dates again.

    When will I ever see it? May we see our Mr. D'Arconte flashing his butt in a red thong again this year? Their rendition of Monty Python's "Men in Tights" was priceless … you guys gotta go see this play! How refreshing to click on to this site and read "normal" reports of old memories. I gave up looking at this site a few months ago, after seeing the same people sniping at each other. Went by my first job recently, Shield's, and it has turned into condos. I'd love to see the inside! I meant Sanford St.

    For Dan and Spit: What do you mean "we'll catch up"? I know it's not the former Bliss School, nor the single-room little red schoolhouse at the intersection of North Main and Bungay Road. Next question: Who was the principal, the music teacher, the bus driver and the janitor at Bliss School when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

    How many flavors of ice cream are served at Bliss Brothers and which is the most popular? Who provides and places the American flags on the veterans graves in Attleboro on Memorial Day? I agree with the postings in here of late, thus my frequent return : I don't think The Sun Chronicle intended for this to be a forum for political banter between citizens.

    It's been really nice to walk through now and then, so let's keep those memories flowing … like those of having to wear gum on the tip of my nose due to having been caught by Sister Elaine in CCD in Lonicut. Did anyone else think she bore a great resemblence to Harvey Korman? Spit: That memory nearly took me off my feet. Was it your father or grandfather? Anyways, it put me in my place.

    I never chased a person before that and never have I since. Whatever happened to you? Send me an email and we'll catch up. I haven't been to this site for quite some time because the topics did not interest me. But, today, after reading many of the enteries, I was pleasently surprised. Arriving in Attleboro in the Fifties from Taunton to work I remember many of the stores mentioned and enjoyed reminiscing. It brings back memories of when Attleboro was a thriving shopping area.

    Was it Bob Hope who said, "Thanks for the memories. Hey Dan, how 'bout this memory? I don't recall a problem at Wonder Chef. It was located off Falmouth Street. Delicious, warm, Italian grinders. Charlie's Pizza seemed busy to me. My honey and I would get pizza there and go back to "his" place to watch "Star Trek. Wonder Chef was on the corner of Brook and Holman Streets. Where was wonder chef located? I seem to recall it had a problem.

    He never seemed to have customers. Let's keep the ball rolling, folks, memories like these don't grow on trees. Oh yes - this Guestbook is an enjoyable place to visit lately. Thanks to all who help make it this way! I lived on Northfield Rd. Norman Lyle was my neighbor. He had 3 boys. Christopher is the only one I can think of right now. Norman passed away just about a year or so ago.

    Very nice man. I think I would have remembered if it were he in the window of Houle's. Maybe he took over later on, but originally I don't believe that was him. Caruso's was a lounge on Pleasant St. I went to school with his daughter Colleen Caruso and worked at Sturdy with her in the kitchen I remember Rocco at Saltzman's too! I have a picture of him from a family wedding from ! Another one of the nice guys!! Keep the memories coming! Fun, fun, fun. I apologize for the spelling of the "man in the window. From there he did buy out the service and owned it for many years.

    Norman Lyle was a policeman on the Attleboro force. But with the man in the window, he was known as Red by everyone. Thanks, Dawna, it was Kull's! I enjoyed the comments about "The man in the window" and I do believe I remember seeing him up there. I think he was so noticable because everyone walked down Park Street on the opposite side.

    There weren't a lot of reasons to be on "that"side of the street. Maybe to browse through the 45s in Mullin's Music Shop or, for the ones with talent, to take music lessons. Then there was the Joke shop next to the Archway. I remember buying a "Car bomb" in there and placing in in a new Corvette owned by a young pharamacist in Ashley's I was about This bomb whistled and smoked and although I wasn't there to witness it, almost gave poor Dick a heart attack he was probably all of I think I bought my first Whoopie Cushion there too.

    Saturday's sometimes found us bowling "Duck Pins" at the Bank St Bowling Alley whose entrance was really in the alley! Peter's Fruit Stand always had the best looking fruit on display with half a dozen different newspapers spread out for your choosing. I can still smell the fruit!

    enter I remember many townspeople that came into Ashley's for ice cream or soda. One was Phil Kakowski sp , a local sculptor. At one point he had finished a bust of JFK and showed me the check covering the amount signed by Jackie. I was impressed! These stories are fun to recall, and I enjoy reading similar visits to this site. Have a great day, all! If you would like to see them I will be happy to e-mail them to you. Skitt's class, I would love to have a copy.

    I also worked at Saltzman's while in h. I could write a book about those nights. I think "the guy in the window" was Pete Houle, not Norm Lyle. Of course, Norm may have replaced Pete somewhere down the line. As I walk down the path of memories, I seem to remember a couple of places. Wasn't there a place downtown called Mary's? And does anyone remember a place called Caruso's?

    Maybe I'm digging too deep. Oh, well, such is life. Where do you find photos of Attleboro? And yes I remember that fight between Dino and Foreman. What a city, I tell you. What a city! Wonder Chef! They had the most unusual, great-tasting pizza. Dad would come home with it on Friday's when we lived on Holman Street in the very early' 60s.

    Sheild's was still open behind it and was a factory of some sort. There was also a building in front of Wonder Chef, on the corner Does anyone know what it was? I think it still stands abandoned today. And thanks, Tom, for the name of the infamous "man in the window"! I think I may have gone to school with his kids, Debbie, Diane, if that's the same Lyle. Reading this Guestbook has been the best boost to a day's end check nightly for me of late.

    And remember when the Common was lit up very well for Christmas. What a time to be a kid, or teenager, it was. If I could go back and do it all over again, I surely would. I hope to see more entries, more rekindled, kindred connections to you all. What, if anything, is going on with the Foster building?

    I spent 28 years there from around to I know it was turned into a den of????? But what since then? I have heard rumors about condos and such, but nothing concrete. Anyone know whats going on with it? I wish I could explain the good days better but suffice to say, I and many other hard and dedicated employees gave the Boot's family some nice income and they treated us fairly good until the roof fell in under T. So many memories about downtown Attleboro in those heady days. Norman Lyle? Yes, he was a policeman and he had a trash truck and picked up trash on the side with his son. He sure was a hard worker and one of our good customers at Saltzman's where I worked part time.

    Good old Rocco since passed away would shorten a pair of trousers on the spot if it meant making the sale. No 2 or 3 days waiting and no charge either. Even "the guy with the pipe" who managed Floyd's would come and have Rocco tailor pants to save HIS sales. And the old Capron Park during a warm spring or summer lunch hour was memorable. The Emerald Mall was the beginning of the end of all of it but times and people change.

    Let's hope it was for the better but hold onto those memories anyway, they are worth it. Although he did not win, it was a gallant effort and made me feel proud to be from Attleboro. Thanks, Dino. Re: Tom's entry on Feb I believe that the office supply store was called Kull's. I love this site, it sure does bring back a lot of memories. I really enjoy this section with all the memories. When you say the man in the window was Norman Lyle, how I remember Norman, his sister Midge and all at Jack Witschi's for roller skating.

    That was such a good time in my life. Being with the ones from Plainville, and all the towns around. Many friends and so much fun!!! Keep up the good work with all the messages. I am down here in Florida, and have been for 21 years. However, Plainville and that area will always be my home. I miss you folks. It's been so long since I've been there, the memories help bring it all back. Thanks all!

    That guy in the window of Houle's Taxi? I talked with my brother Howie by phone today and he tells me that was Norman Lyle, subsequently an Attleboro policeman. Oh … the man in the window!! I had forgotten about him! How funny that we all saw him there. Does anyone know his name? Is there anyone out there that remembers Wonder Chef?

    Never Forget A Coupon Again!

    What about Mr. Spearin from Bliss school? What about some other teacher memories? I was sorry to hear the passing of Mr. Sharkey from AHS. He was a great business teacher! Always had time for his students! God Bless you, Mr. Sharkey and your family! I used to trek down there on Saturday's and buy my 45s for 50 cents! Trying to locate Ronald Lee Mullikin. Any information will be appreciated. Contact me directly, put "Ronnie" in the subject space.

    Man, can we go back or what? I'm 6, all over again, walking to the Five and Dime, I can see the rows of "trinkets"; and a quick scoot, atop the spinning stools … and its nirvana, with just mom, dad and I. Speaking of memories, it is with profound sadness that I learned of the death of Coach Pensavalle. The Coach was a lasting influence on me when things got a bit tough in life. His lessons and his drive persevered and started NAHS on its long road of gridiron glory. It was he who instilled the winning attitude in a bunch of kids back in the early fifties and it stuck.

    No matter what coach you honor now for having great teams at North, rest assured it was the attibutes of Coach Pensavalle many years ago that brought them from that to this. He touched so many lives in his short tenure at North. I remember when we learned he was moving on that we thought that was the end. It wasen't the end it was only the beginning because of his underpinnings. I had occasion to speak on the phone with Coach Pensavalle in the last year or so when I was trying to get my brother Roy considered for the Attleboro Area Hall of Fame. It was then I learned that "Coach Pennsie" was not even in.

    I see that has been rectified now and I am happy for that. My heart goes out to his wife Betty and I wish I could be there for the service but I will be there in spirit as will my deceased beloved brother Roy. Rest in peace, Coach. God bless you and God bless your entire family. I love hearing about all the wonderful people and places we had growing up in Attleboro.

    I've said it many times in the Guestbook, "It was great to be a kid back then"! Two favorite people come to mind to me today. Castro, and his little store off of County St. I remember getting a star on my Tootsie pop wrapper and he said it was good luck and it meant you got a free one. Some times he gave me a free one even if I wasn't lucky to get a star on my wrapper, but just for being a good kid, he said.

    Then the second person that comes to mind, the Gulf gas station in Attleboro. The man who used to put gas in my parents car and was always wonderful to me as a little girl. All I know was his name was Andy. I never knew his last name, but every week we went to see Andy, and he would fill up my step-father's car and talk with us for hours. He was such a fun and dear man. At christmas he always had something to give his customers. I still have a christmas decoration he gave me, as well a promo he was giving customers free with a full tank of gas.

    It was a sing-along album of Disney songs he handed out. I still have the album. Remember those things … ha ha? Well, time after time, some special people enter your mind that you have met along your walk in life and you just never forget them.

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    • I always think back on the people I was blessed to have met so many years ago. Store keepers, gas station attendants, the crossing guard who always kept me safe. I can't remember his name, but he was the sweetest old man. God bless him and the milk man who used to deliver way back then, who on hot summer days used to have a frozen Ice Pop saved just for me. So many people and so many wonderful memories of Attleboro from way back in If any of the people I remember are still around, I can never thank you enough for being a special part of my life If any of these special people have passed on to new life, then God Bless you and thank you for giving me the honor of knowing such wonderful people from Attleboro!

      Tom J. I do remember as a kid she called the coffee frappes "cabinets. Oh, those wonderful summer days of the TI Family Days … memories come flooding back. My dad is one of the 13 Bergevine's that lived on Knight Avenue in Hebronville. He is the baby and now the only one left. We grew up knowing all the stories of the babseball teams that played in Dodgeville and Hebronville. We heard all the stories of the 10 Mile River and how my dad got the scar on his knee. We grew up knowing about the mills that were part of the neighborhood. But the best times were when they would talk about all the wonderful people who walked through the doors of Payette's.

      I am also, proud to say that Tom, Ronnie to us, is my uncle. He was the baby in the LaMothe family. He moved to FL many years ago and relocated to NC only a couple of years ago. He is also a contributor to the Guestbook from time to time. Just goes to show you that one's heart is never far from home no matter how far we roam. Thank you for your response and best wishes to you and yours.

      Do you remember they moved the slot car racing to a building on Railroad Avenue with a larger race track? And whatever became of Dale McCaughey who worked there and handled all the racers? It was neat having your name written on the chalkboard among the top 10 fastest cars! I may have submitted this before and if so, forgive me. In the mood for a light beer that reminds you of the sand and waves of your favorite beach?

      Feeling a wintery, dark beer? We can do that too. No matter your preference, our sports bar in Hickory has options for every taste and style. Kickback Jack's knows beer better than any other sports bar in Hickory. We have drink specials all seven days of the week, as well as a variety of local and domestic beers that rotate seasonally. Take a look at our current alcoholic beverage menu.

      Hickory, NC. Hickory , NC Order Online. Javascript is required to view this map.

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