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I was getting a chill down my back because I knew that if we are faced with this decision at some point it will be one of the hardest decisions we will ever have to face in our lives thus far. Keep in mind costs to euthanize a dog may vary depending on what your veterinarian charges, but ours said it is a standard price for most. You need to decide when the right time to let your dog go is especially if they are suffering silently. In my head I was visualizing it all going down and my heart ached.

I know that if and when our dog passes away that we want to think only good memories of our true friend and our times together.

Our veterinarian did mention there are places that you can hold communal cremation if you would like to go that route. I also know some pet owners who simply have a burial ceremony on their property and bury the pet after goodbyes, especially if a pet passes away in their sleep. Through online research I found an actual pet cemetery called Gateway Lakeview between Ottawa and Kingston on the shores of Graham Lake with a location in Toronto, Ontario as well. It was opened in after a family decided to give their pets a place to rest and today 22 years later they have revolutionized the aftercare industry for pets in Canada.

Gateway provides services including communal and individual cremations, viewing and visitation facilities, and a variety of memorial products. There are also many other memories of your pet they offer such as precious paws which is a clay paw print for reasonable prices. Gateway also have a free pet memorial online called the Gateway On-line Memorial Park where you can share memories of your pet.

We started The Bridge On-line Memorial Park as a way for you and your family to memorialize your pet, any time you want, any where you want. The more I researched about pet loss I was finding this poem all over the internet so I believe a blog post about the loss of a dog should always have this lovely poem for those that visit and read what you are sharing and grieving a dog. The author of this poem is unknown but whoever wrote had a deep love and knew that those mourning a pet it would bring a smile and hope back to their life.

The loss of a dog and dealing with the grief that follows will be tough for any pet owner. Making a decision to put down your dog through euthanasia is something that may well break your heart. As pet owners we need to be prepared to show our dog that we love him very much and will do our very best to take care of him until the end. Discussion: Have you lost a pet and want to share your story or memories, please share them below.

Were your prepared to pay for the costs involved with your animals illness if any? Do you have any pet keepsakes? I cried when I read your post, it brought back so many memories of our little dog, Lady. She passed about 18 months ago and we were devastated; she was 16 years old. He cried every day for months after she passed away. We opted to have her cremated alone and have her ashes returned to us. We kept her ashes for a year until I was finally ready to spread them in her favorite park.

We asked the city if we could plant a tree and affix a plaque in her memory, sadly they never bothered to respond in spite of a couple of follow-up emails. I purchased a schnauzer shih tzu cross and he was a firecracker right from the get go! Unfortunately I made an unwise, and soon to be regretted, decision to postpone purchasing puppy insurance. Well a few weeks after we got Cooper he broke his front leg and we were advised that he needed surgery otherwise he would have problems later in life. We are still paying that bill!

We now have puppy insurance but of course there are conditions because of the broken leg. Thank you for sharing your story. It was the hardest decision of my life. Like you we had our dog creamated alone and we got his paw print. He has his own little memorial in our house along with his photo and favourite stuffed animal. Too many people forget about pet insurance and how expensive a pet can be.

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They are like family so they must be treated like family. It makes no sense why people continue to do this. They deserve so much more. Again, thanks for sharing your story. Cheers Mr. He was fun, happy, healthy till two weeks ago, hair falling out, seemed weak, took vet blood count white cells extremely high, in less two weeks I had to put him Down.

I miss him terribly, but he was in pain, shaking, legs gave out, , so weak, vet said it was most likely cancer. I cry cause he was my only house guest, I live alone Should iget another dog, I feel like I could not love another dog like I did Blue, he snuggled under the covers on cold nights He wen straight to the shower on. Dirty dog command, he was so special my friend is gone. Hi Theresa, We lost our dog in right after my wife and I found out we were having our first child.

It does get easier. You will never replace your dog but you may just have a new friend. Healing sent your way. He was healthy till he turned 11 and then started having problems with his hind leg,medications werent helping and he was having more difficulty with stairs ,so it was decided that he be euthanised. I was heart broken and couldnt be there ,but at 1. I ran back to ask when he had died and it was around that time.

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I knew it,we were truly soulmates and even now it makes me feel guilty but I can look at photos and talk about him with a smile. I now have to put my girlie Truffles down,she is old ,blind ,partially deaf ,and has been showing signs of dying,She looks at me like she has no clue who I am and has started to close down.

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I am not sure if she is suffering ,since she only whines once in a while but letting go is the worst part. I dont know if I will stay this time. It may not be right waway but it will be when the right dog shows up in my life. June we had to put down our 12 yr old Smokey. A beautiful siamese cat, who was very affectionate. He had been living with his older brother, my son, who lives in the apt below us for 3 years.

He now rests in our back yard with Mouse, our chihuahua 12 years and Bandon, the cat 3 years. Bandon was abandoned and found trapped in one of our apt buildings garbage bin. We rescued him and he lived with us for 2 happy years, and then died unexpectedly in his sleep. Over the past 9 years of being a landlord we have re-homed about 14 cats, that tenants leave behind.

Our family has taken in 2. Other tenants and neighbours have graciously taken others, and the SPCA have accepted the remainder. We travel a lot now that we are retired, so we are only home for the summer. During this time we are foster parents for the SPCA. We take in momma cats and her kittens, and other orphaned kittens, until they are old enough to be put up for adoption.

At times we have had 12 little bundles of fur racing around our home. While we travel, we house sit for strangers. Their main concern is that their pets are taken care of. We save on accommodation, and get to sightsee the area. Consider being a foster parent for the SPCA. Sometimes their dogs need a home to stay for awhile, to get socialised until they can find a forever home.

They are like family. We put our last 2 dogs down — gorgeous, adorable Golden Retrievers — when they were very ill and suffering. Sobbed our guts out and any mention of having to put a dog down elicits the same reaction — instantaneously. After the last one, we swore we were never going to have a dog again. Simply can not stand the thought of going thru that again. Sorry to hear you went through that. I can only pray he goes in his sleep.

Hopefully, your vet will have good news for you! Pets really do become family members. One of my good friends is still recovering from the loss of her cat. She was somewhat resistant to adopting a new cat, but she said it has helped her heal. Keep us posted, please. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this.

We had our vet put our cat down at home nice since cars stress cats out so much.. I was grateful that the vet could be here in our home. She gave the sedative and then the injection. It was so peaceful and I wondered why some people suffer so much when they are terminally ill. I called my husband and said being at home and having the sedative was so worth the money. I was grateful to be able to pay for that. So you would suggest to go that route then. Thanks for sharing your story. I think it is a wise use of your money and would give you some peace of mind whe that day comes ….

Hopefully many years from now. I do believe the sedative also helps the vet do a better job with the final injection. So very sad… It was hard to read this post because it brought back all of the feelings associated with my first cat who we had to put down a few years ago. He was so sick and in pain and there was nothing that could be done to save him. It was heartbreaking and truly devastating. Pets are family, no matter which way one looks at it. And I still miss him…. An awesome article, with much good advice.

We did what we had to do when she lost control of her functions and was losing her sight as well.

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She enjoyed her last car ride….. Mostly we have had cats. They all have had different personalities as do dogs. Bulldog yes she was a cat…. Sapphire Saffy our chocolate point Siamese princess, hated the cold and loved sitting on the heating vent to be warm…. Cookie, my little girl, had a few mice to her credit in this house!! Suzie, a little black kitten with the sweetest green eyes, she was only 4 months old when we lost her, from the Humane society, was never healthy and fought to live but we found her the day after she turned 4 months, limp and barely alive, a fast call to the local vet on a Sunday morning and Dr Larry met us at the door.

I was crying my eyes out and Larry was almost in tears as well…. He lives for food and attention. Our cats have all been house cats…. I believe they will be waiting for me over that rainbow bridge some day……. Thanks for sharing Christine. This is such a sad post. It was good to read but it certainly made me cry. Most people have no idea the cost of owning a dog.

We spent a lot of money on a surgery for our younger dog after he ate a sock and it was stuck in his intestine. Boarding them is a whole nother cost too, especially since my dogs are very large 80 and 90 pounds. I hope you have some wonderful times with your dog before he goes and thank you for sharing with us.

Thanks for sharing your story Marie! All you can do is love your pets to pieces and know you gave them the best life you know how. A Canadian Idol contestant who can't spell Canadian. She teaches kids with disabilities but really can't spell disabilities. The whole thing is a mess. Please, if there's a guy out there who loves women who love cats, get on this and treat her right.

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Looking for Mr. I have had one to many jerk in my life and would like it if i dont have anymore in plz I was on Canadain Idol the Best of the wort show, anyways i am a dancer not the type you may be thinking of, i teach dance to kids with dissabilatey's I live here in xxxxxx off of xxxxxxx Rd so i am in a good area yes i do have a roomate, i have a job that i love i work 3 day's a week. Im looking for someone who understands me for who i am, someone who is not going to take advantage of me on the first date.

Thanks to Wallis for forwarding this mess. Methinks this may be the woman described in this Canoe article : But the saddest of the bunch was Krista Poirier. The obviously home-schooled teen truly believed she was a hot dancer, showing the panel her hip-hop moves, which included a laughable moonwalk. And her voice was even worse, leading many to predict she could become this year's Canadian William Hung.

Thankfully for Poirier, and all the others who march to the same oblivious drum, our judges seem to have a tad more class than their American clones. Instead of embarrassing these kids, the panel tried desperately to come up with at least one nice thing to say before crushing their dreams on national TV. Any ideas!? Do crappy Kijiji ads work? My experiment, so far, says 'no'.

I posted the following ad a week ago, and I've received only one reply so far, from "justlol hotmail. The response: "lol". Wanted: Deliver me a pull-out couch Price Free You know, I've been browsing the "Free" stuff for ages, and I'm usually appalled at the kind of stuff people ask for. I flag the ads that are against the rules and shake my head at the rest of them. Some I even send to the "You Suck at Kijiji" web site. But this time, I figure, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I'm a relatively new homeowner, and there's one room in the house that we've put off doing anything with. It's just full of junk. And stuff we're selling on Kijiji which is not junk, obviously. I think what'd kick-start the decorating would be a decent pull-out couch. I'd love to surprise my new wife by setting up the room while she's away for the weekend. But because of that, I won't have a car this weekend.

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Not that we could fit that kind of furniture in a hatchback anyway. So, if you could find it in your heart to help out someone who probably, honestly, has the resources to help himself, please do so. Get back to me if you can deliver a decent ie. God or other appropriate universal force bless you. Old couple, moved out of their home and into their driveway where they didn't have a calendar, and thought that was It sums up some of the most frequently sucky mistakes made.

Very good reading! Sellers, do us all a favor and memorize this list. Two horribly bred dogs can have CKC puppies. Use this as a guide: - Neuter, not Nueter or Newter. Oh, and it's "guarantee". No one gives dogs worms on purpose. Doesn't need! An exclamation! It is assumed that decent people are not going to give their dog to a random scumbag. YOUR lack of responsibility is not other people's problem. You do NOT interview a house.

You "get rid of" an STD; you hopefully find your dog a better home than you choose to provide. It is heartbreaking to see you care so little for a dog who probably loves you more than life. You are starting to sound like a used car salesman. That is one step removed from a Puppy Mill. Don't pretend to be a victim of circumstance, or innocent. If it were your teen daughter who got pregnant, we would all understand; you can't spay your human child although that might not be a bad idea in some cases.

You CAN be responsible for your pets though, so it is not an accident if they get pregnant. Either way, you're not "re-homing" them. You're finding their first home, and that's a sale. Your own damn fault. You can have this dog if your kids have allergies!! The allergens live in the skin or saliva , not the hair. A respectable breeder and rescue would honor that request. Also, while poodles don't shed much, they do shed some. Like humans, you shed cells, hair Dog's aren't magical.

Hopefully it has low mileage. I'm not a breeder. E or a breeder. Either way, you fail. Even if your kitty is temperamental, overly rambunctious, or has a fondness for sleeping on people's faces a potential hazard around an infant ; unless your cat is Superkitty it shouldn't be too difficult to close it out of the baby's room--and the rest of the time one can assume that baby is under your close eye. I want to trade my I treat my pets like baseball cards. Farting dogs are funny.

Shitting dogs are sometimes funny. Dogs with diarrhea who cover your house with runny shit all the time, so much that you have to give them away on Kijiji, are less funny. Unless they're posted here. Which this one is. Daisy has pancreatic enzyme deficiency. You may already know about it.

We got Daisy in , from a Border Collie breeder on a cattle farm in Kemptville, Ontario, a small town outside of Ottawa. We discovered she had the deficiency in the summer of , after we moved back here to Halifax. We have been somewhat able to manage it over the last few years, but is getting increasingly more difficult. It is to the point were we can no longer do it. Although, I hate to admit it, I have thought about having her put down. This really isn't something we want to do, but we know we can no longer keep her.

With Daisy's condition, if she does not have her medication with every bit of food she eats, she will get very sick. She will have severe diarrhoea. If it continues for long, she will loose an extreme amount of weight and starve. She also gets hair loss, and brittle, dull hair. It was through these symptoms we knew she had something really wrong with her. My vet discovered through testing what condition she had.

As I've mentioned we've been treating Daisy for 4 years now. She has had ups and downs, but all due to our management. It is very hard for us to ensure that every piece of food that meets her lips has her medication with it. You see, we have another older dog who likes to steal her food, so then she is left to eat his, without the medication. We are careful for this not to happen, but once in a while it does. Which leads to the horrible diarrhoea.


Also, we have two very young children. It is nearly impossible to keep Daisy from getting some of their food. We are always watchful, and try to keep the dogs in another room etc. The major problem we have is dealing with the diarrhoea. These are places where the children are all the time and it isn't right for them to be living like that.

It also isn't fair for Daisy to go through that. I'm sure there must be pain in her gut when she experiences it. Although it is hard, we know she needs someone who can look after her with the proper amount of attention. The wonderful thing is, with her medication, she doesn't experience any of the symptoms. She should be in a home with someone who can truly give her the love and devotion she needs.

She really is a wonderful, loving dog. She loves, loves, loves to be loved. She loves to play, and is amazing with a frisbee and ball, although, she is getting a little slower these last couple of years. We order it at our vet's office by bottles of 4. She eats 2 meals a day, which means 2 pills a day, that have to be crushed with two spoons, and sprinkled on her food. That means the bottle last for 50 days.

If someone was to give her treats, they'd have to use a pill then also. We don't give her any treats. With our family income we find the medication expensive, and we can't afford to use more than the 2 pills per day. Also, she can't eat really cheap dog food. It will make her very sick.

We have tried many things, from the super expensive vet dog food to the noname. When she was first diagnosed she was so sick, and so skinny. We fed her the expensive stuff, but then we kept going down in price to something more manageable. Daisy really is symptom free and happy with those two things; her medication and good food. She would make someone a lovely friend; someone who could ensure her eating habits. Having said all that, we are just not able to do it. Because of her getting unsupervised food, she has destroyed a double bed, an entire room of carpet, we have shampooed our carpets 6 times in the last three years.

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  • All with having two new babies in our lives and we have gone through some very serious family issues in those years. We are at the end of our abilities and beg for you to help us find a new home for Daisy. With all sincerity, will someone please help us? Many thanks to Roz, who was the first one of the people who saw the ad to think it appropriate for this site.

    The next best thing to hauling garbage to the curb: put it on Kijiji! Antique Crap Price Free Come get this stuff if you like. I don't like. Big change for Kijiji in the USA. No more paid ads! In order to simplify our site, we shifted focus away from monetization and towards usability. What this means for you is that the newest ads will always be on top.

    Also gone? The Watchlist: In order to simplify our site, we removed some optional features. We would love to hear what you think, and encourage you to write in to our Help Center to let us know. Oh, and that's not all. No more user registration: In order to simplify our site, we removed some optional features.

    We receive a number of emails around forgotten passwords. My thoughts? Not that it matters, but I've rarely used the watchlist, and never liked how it got in the way. And the paid ads? Somehow I doubt that they're a big money-maker for Kijiji. Streamline the site and get users using it, and maybe later you can bring back the paid ads. Besides, there are so many complaints about paid ads being cancelled, it's one headache Kijiji can afford to be rid of. None of this affects Kijiji Canada. At least not right now. We've showcased pets no one wants a few times, but this painfully honest hamster ad seems especially timely with the explosive popularity of Zhu Zhu pets, which I understand to be some kind of robotic hamster.

    This year's Furbee. Besides, I heard today that Zhu Zhu pets may be contaminated with antimony. Why poison your children when you can buy something that can a bite them and b die? Free Hamster please read carefully before replying I have a male teddy bear hamster who is under a year old who I need to place in a new home. He is very cute and has lots of fur. Comes with a cage, and a few accessories. I have to find a new home for this little guy as he bit my son, and it ended up being a pretty bad wound. I have tried to keep him around hoping to still give him a good home, but my son is afraid of him and I am a bit as well and he's just not getting the proper attention.

    I do hope I can place him in a home without small children. Maybe with someone who has experience with "biters" and has some patience and tough skin for this little guy. He really is sweet if you can get past the whole trying to bite your finger off thing. Thanks for reading! Thanks to Nikki the advertiser! I think I covered this before in another article, but here's another perspective on the recent changes to the Kijiji Canada Autos section. This is how Kijiji is spinning the story in its own news release. To help move vehicles from dealer to driveway, Kijiji Autos is making it easier for Canadian dealers to reach millions of car and truck buyers online.

    As a rule, extended warranties are usually crap. Stores like Future Shop make much of their profit on extended warranties, and the salesperson gets a cut up front. Having said that, the math in this ad which is not allowed on Kijiji anyway, because it's a rant just leaves me confused. Utterly confused. And the spelling sucks. Paid for a 2 year over the counter warranty.

    When I took it back after having it for 2 days after 1 year they tell me that they can't help me that I would have to call there number. So I call them and they would send me a gift card for the amount I paid for it. Is that days or two days? I'm stumped. In case you missed it, don't buy extended warranties at Future Shop.

    I was just going to flag this one for being in the "jobs" section instead of "resumes", but then I clicked on it and nearly needed a cleaning professional to wash my keyboard. Would love to find some roomies that hates cleaning and need a maid! I will offer a copy of my i. Thank you a Male maid. I don't expect truckers to write flawless purple prose, but if I'm going to hire someone, I expect some attention to detail: truck for higher you need sommthing moved from one side of town too the other im your man.

    Two problems with this ad: If you're straight-curious, does that not suggest that you're ordinarily gay and have a nagging suspicion you'd really rather have your penis in a vagina? The other problem is "st8" So, perhaps he's a Canadian who's curious to see what it'd be like to be American. In that case, just put on a few pounds and forget what you know about the rest of the world. Would be cool to have a regular buddy to hang out with for some drinks and maybe have some fun with no one ever knowing a thing.

    If not comfortable doing anything, would be cool to still be buds if we got along. If u think this may be u, email me back. I got pics and would be good if u have as well. Serious replies only please - thanks. I can't quite get a read on this guy. Is this a sex thing, or does he just not want to grapple with guys? Wrestling for fun and fitness Are there any women out there who enjoy wrestling or would like to try it?

    I'm a 35 year old male standing 5'10 and about lbs. I don't have any formal training in wrestling. I would love to get together with a woman who tends towards athletic endeavours and may have an interest in wrestling. I'm not into pain or hurting each other. Look forward to hearing from you Somehow Andy Kaufman comes to mind.

    I've seen far too few ads on Kijiji that have pictures to make me laugh. The great stuff at YouSuckAtCraigslist. But here's one that got me. Asking obo Bought 2nd hand at the start of the summer, and never used it once, and now I have to get rid of it beacuse i am going over seas. Oh, I so wish I could point this guy's landlady to this ad so she can get a hint of what kind of tenant she's about to get. Posted under "Services: Other": Wanted: Looking for someone to hang out with this weekend Well this is not how i wanted to spend my weekend meeting someone totaly new.

    But heres the story. Im going to dartmouth this weekend to meet my landlady and my potential roomates. So first of all i need a friend to pick me up from the acadian bus stop in DARTMOUTH, and a place to crash somewheres fun because i dont want to be bored for 3 nights," smokers" is ok.. Now for sunday i have to meet up with my landlady and ask for a set of keys to my new home I know its much!!!

    Gas money will be provided and dinner. If you work monday thats fine i can figure out the bus scedual i need to go to the college and get my courses set up Now i dont mind if your male female gay I would love if the person could send me a picture of them. On the other hand Stop right there. The same poster is advertising: Wanted: In need of a full time babysitting job!!!! Im 21 mature very kind. Have not seen a child who dosnt like me. I do light house work, provide educational games and activities and do not believe in siiting in front of the tv. I love children.

    I have ADD myself wich makes it easier to understand what the child is going through. I have work with children and adults with special needs. If this seems to interest you drop me a line and I will give you more details. The issue rotates round eBay's minority ownership in San Francisco's Craigslist. In the lawsuit launched by eBay in April the company alleges that Newmark and Chief Executive James Buckmaster hatched a "coercive plan" in and conducted "clandestine transactions" that diluted eBay's stake to As a result eBay lost its seat on Craigslist's board.

    Simple, succinct, and to the point. Wanted: any thing i would appreciate it any car i just got my temp. Do unicorns form herds? This person should know. Perferably pink with white or blue wings. I am a Animal lover and would love to buy another unicorn as they are such great pets and my italian unicorn Princess needs a playmate. I have a stable built specialy for unicorns so they cant use there powers to get out along with 20 acres of land for them to run and play in.

    News release issued this morning from Kijiji: Research reveals Canadians often miss the mark with holiday gifts Unwanted presents for sale on Kijiji. Maybe this guy's trying to cash in on the "United Breaks Guitars" fad, but he's doing it all wrong. It fell over recently and the neck is cracked as you see from the photos. Please make me an offer i am willing to negotiate a fair price! That's the case you open on the sidewalk when you're playing for a living, right?

    Also: make your bed before selling your junk. The neck is just a little bit broken. Any other Kijiji ads out there with trainwreck photos? Thanks to anon not his real name, I guess? An excellent article on Skywedge. A quick summary: Person of interest is not local. If you find an item on Kijiji that is priced unbelievably low, it might be a sign of a scammer.

    An overly detailed story is usually a sign of a scammer. Scammers want things done quickly. Stay away from any replies or ads mentioning the country Nigeria. Anyone who requests any personal information from you and insists that it is necessary in order to complete the transaction. A major red flag is when somebody requires money up front in order to complete the transaction.

    Anyone who mentions using the Ebay Vehicle Purchase Protection Program is usually trying to scam you. Read the whole article to learn more details about avoiding Kijiji scams. And for even more, check the extensive scamproofing articles at the Kijiji Help Desk.

    Jobs in Nanaimo - Apply Now!

    Don't pay the stupid tax. Learn first. Home Submit funny Kijiji ads Privacy Policy. Thursday, December 31, Ontario couple accused in Kijiji hockey ticket scam. New Year's Eve Special: These hands can do anything but spell. YSAK Wanted: fools willing to part with money. YSAK The a-hole is gone; please buy his stuff. YSAK Selling a gun, dress, humster shavings. No, seriously, free booze. Top Ten Scams of After consumers receive what the FBI calls "convincing e-mails from the phony vehicle protection program," they are told to send either the full payment, or a percentage of the payment, to the third-party agent using a wire payment service.

    YSAK Rock hard ads in minutes a day! More Kijiji spamming freelance opportunities. Would you sell your Kijiji reputation for five bucks? YSAK The rising loaf of dog. Want to compete with Kijiji? Just ask! Giving spammers the publicity they desire. Buying a dog off Kijiji can suck. YSAK Menopausal writing. YSAK Used finger nail clippings. Kijiji On Twitter: Wednesday. Kijiji Suck Bonus: Not musically gifted, nor otherwise gifted. YSAK Dear spammers: you suck. Which led to an edit of the advertiser's message about fantasy vacations:. YSAK Help me cover up my crime. YSAK This laptop smells like butts.

    Price Free. YSAK Hand over the cookies and someone gets loved. YSAK Seeking douchebag who won't succumb to onegina. Wallis directed my attention to this guy whose circle of friends has collapsed:. YSAK A ball-kickingly good time. Kijiji Friday Bonus: This belt is looking for work. To sum up, the company motto:. Our Philosophy is, there is no such thing as too much training. YSAK I wish to become a sex doll after death. YSAK The most incomprehensible ad ever. Kijiji Experiment: who will give me a free couch? YSAK Get grandma and grandpa out of the driveway.

    How not to sell dogs on Kijiji. YSAK This dog is the shit.

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