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But if there are any loopholes that would hold the donation center accountable in the event of a complication, it is unlikely a poor donor would be financially able to pursue the matter. Fifteen dollars for three hours of work seems like an attractive option to the alternative: nothing.

And yes, the whole donation process is technically voluntary. Plus donors get to help save lives in the process. Since the research and production companies buying the plasma typically also own the donation centers, they are able to control both supply and demand.

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To the unemployed or a worker struggling to make ends meet, donating plasma is an attractive — and legal — alternative to fill an income gap. They are unorganized workers without the legal rights that go along with a typical workplace relationship. Shrewdly placed donation centers A quick look indicates that the donation centers are strategically — and shrewdly — placed in poor minority communities.

Going Undercover at Grifols ( Plasma Donation Center )

You will receive a physical exam at least annually to make sure you remain in good health. You'll receive a health screening each time you donate to make sure you are in general good health and that you meet the donation criteria.

Plasma Donation Centers - CSL Plasma | 5 dollars | Print coupons, Coupons, Extra money

We'll take a blood sample and check your vital signs including your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. A trained phlebotomist will escort you to a donation bed to begin the plasma donation process. A specialized medical device will separate your plasma from your other blood components through a safe, automated process called plasmapheresis. Contact your local plasma donation center with any additional questions.

While plasma regenerates very quickly usually within hours and plasmapheresis has few to no adverse effects, it is important to take care of yourself after your donation. Having something to eat and drink within two hours after your donation helps replenish your blood volume and restore your energy. Share With Friends. Donate Plasma. Change a Life. Become a Plasma Donor Today. First Name.

After that, each visit takes less time — about an hour to an hour and a half.


Staff will ask for your name and donor number usually the last 4 digits of your social security number. They clean the injection site with iodine, and they insert a needle for the plasmapheresis process extracting your blood, separating the plasma, and putting your blood back into your body. The needle feels exactly like an IV. You have to constantly pump, or squeeze, your hand while the machine is extracting blood.

Grifols Biomat: $5.00 BONUS on First Donation

Even if you absolutely hated the first experience, you really need to show up and donate at least one more time the first week so that they can actually use the plasma you donated the first visit. If you are unsure about your health, have a look at BodyNutrtion. They have lots of great information about keeping your body as healthy as possible. There are a couple of different variables to consider when determining how much you get paid donating plasma.

Different blood plasma donation companies pay different amounts, so I can only share my experience with Octapharma.

Please remember to print or take a screenshot of the $350 coupon.

The bonus is automatically applied to your Octapharma Plasma prepaid card. Date range: April 01, — April 30, Octapharma Plasma Centers are located in larger metropolitan areas. Click here to find a local Octapharma Plasma Center near you. Check with your local Octapharma Plasma or another donor center to confirm your weekly bonus payments.

Imagine what you could do with a few hundred extra bucks per month! Donating blood plasma for money can be a very easy way to earn quick extra cash to pay for the things you need. As a bonus, your life-saving blood plasma is used to create medicines and vaccines that save lives! What a great way to give back! Perfection Hangover can be crippling. Stop comparing yourself to others and start living your best life!

Megatrend Univerzitet Fakultet Za Medjunarodnu Ekonomiju

I want to encourage you to take control of your money, your blog, and your business. You should totally try it! It was a bit traumatic so I never did it again after the incident.

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  3. Selling plasma probably won't pay your bills, but it keeps food on the table and gas in your tank..
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  5. That can happen if you 1. I would be totally be lying if I said I never thought about this. Interesting to see how your experience was with the location you visited. We can get maybe a bar of chocolate or coffee for donating our blood plasma. Yes, if you can use your blood plasma for life-saving medicines and you can make a few extra bucks, why not?!

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