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The body is able to naturally aid the process and become adjusted to its refreshed and more efficient system. In this way, the Colonix detox system helps support long-term digestive tract health, making it far superior to other products. What to Expect As one of the most popular colon cleanse products for over a decade, the DrNatura Colonix Advanced internal Cleansing Program is known to work gently and naturally.

Many people believe it is the most gentle, yet effective products they've ever tried. Colonix helps many users feel more balanced and healthier without unwanted side effects or unexpected trips to the bathroom. The suggested use is to start off slowly with the Colonix Fiber Supplement and work your way up to a full scoop daily. This allows time for your body to adjust to a high fiber diet. However, some people report that in the beginning they have increased flatulence gas. If this happens to you, reduce the dose and let your body adjust, then slowly increase it over a few weeks.

That usually works to relieve the discomfort and embarrassment. Be sure to drink plenty of water while using this program. Also, plenty of vegetable, fruits, grains, legumes, and healthy fats will help your body eliminate most efficiently and naturally. Next mix Colonix fiber with 8oz. Follow with with another 8oz. Before bed, drink soothing KleriTea. After 5 days, drink tea every other day or less frequently.

Plus Drink Eight glasses of pure water throughout the day. DrNatura products should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, by children except children's prodcuts , or by anyone with a serious medical condition. Do not use DrNatura products if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are taking any medications, consult with a healthcare professional before using DrNatura products.

Taking Colonix Intestinal Cleanser withouth enough liquid may cause choking. Do not use this product if you have difficulty swallowing.

KleriTea contains senna and is designed for short-term and occasional use only. Long-term continuous use is not recommended. It all started in a kitchen. Long before it was known as Colonix by DrNatura, this popular fiber cleanser was a homemade recipe crafted with hand-milled, garden-grown herbs.

The psyllium-herbal blend was developed by a naturopathic doctor and her husband who shared it with their friends and family. Excellent cleansing product with pleasing results! I enjoy consuming the fiber on a daily basis. Great overall taste of all three components. I love the product. It does a great job of cleansing the system and I've even lost a few pounds. I would definitely recommend this product to those who are irregular and want to detox. It's been great.

I bought it for me and my family. My uncle, he's bought 2 of them.

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My step dad has lost 25 pounds in about 3 weeks and feeling great. And I bought it for everyone for christmas. I definitely give it 5 stars. Dear Lucky Vitamin, We have been using Colonix 3 part colon cleanser for years. We do one in the spring and another in the fall. They are easy to take just follow instructions. The first time you take these be near a bathroom for the first couple of days.


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The first time we took these afer a month we passed a long 7 inch intestinal parasite and 3 inch flat worm, gross. But when these normally little critters get out of hand, Unexplained loss weight, extreme fatigue, eat and eat and no weight gain. Colonix are not cheap but they really do work. Thats why we recommend them. All product reviews are subject to un-biased moderation for objectionable content.

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Dr Natura Coupon 12222

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View All Specialties. View Less Specialties. We're sorry, we no longer carry this item. Triphala Traditional Ayurvedic Purifier mg. Dandelion Root mg. Triphala mg. Overview Reviews. DrNatura - Colonix Intestinal Cleanser - Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. DrNatura It all started in a kitchen. Reviews It is also very beneficial for reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke by inhibiting the formation of blood clots and preventing the clogging of arteries. In Asia, Jiaogulan tea is often prescribed by doctors following major surgery because of its ability to prevent blood clotting, regulate blood pressure and because it significantly boosts the immune system leading to a quicker and better recovery.

Jiaogulan is very beneficial for anyone undergoing radiation or chemotherapy as it provides a significant boost to the body's immune system. Several studies have shown that recovery rates for those who drink Jiaogulan tea regularly are significantly better than those who do not.

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Jiaogulan can help to reduce cholesterol by improving liver function to make more sugars available to the muscles for energy production rather than the formation of triglycerides which are stored by the body as fat. It lowers LDL which is the "bad" cholesterol and raises the HDL which is the "good" cholesterol thus generally regulating the body as an adaptogen. It also regulates the production of insulin for better control of blood sugar, both to prevent diabetes and to improve the condition of those who already have diabetes. The anti-oxidant activity of Jiaogulan is also very good.

Drinking Jiaogulan on a regular basis will give significant protection against damage caused by free radicals and a powerful anti-inflammatory action to relieve various chronic conditions in the body commonly associated with old age. Because of all the benefits of drinking Jiaogulan tea, it has been regarded for centuries in China as the best herb for anti-aging, as it regulates and balances so many body systems which tend to decline with old age. Brewing the TeaYou can make Jiaogulan tea in exactly the same way that you make regular tea such as green tea or Oolong teaAllow one tea bag of Jiaogulan tea leaves for 2 people.

Add boiling water to the tea bag in a cup or a teapot and allow to steep in the hot water for minutesYou can add hot water again 2 or 3 times and still get the good taste and useful benefits of the Jiaogulan herbJiaogulan tea has a slightly bitter-sweet flavor and is normally drunk without adding anything else - but if you prefer - you can sweeten it with a little sugar or honey or natural Stevia herbal sweetener. Check out my other items! We try to send all items within 3 working days of receiving confirmed payment via PayPal.

Occasionally, some items may take a little longer if there is a Public Holiday in ThailandAll items listed with Free Shipping are sent by Thailand Post Small Packet Airmail Service, unless otherwise stated in the listing.

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For this service there is no insurance and no tracking and all items are sent at the Buyer's risk. We will supply the Tracking Number within 24 hours of the item being dispatched. Delivery times for International Post can vary considerably. Please allow days for delivery to most countries - but sometimes it may be longer if there are delays by holidays or by the Postal Service or by Customs check in your country - and it may be up to 40 days in some cases and for some countries.

We will check the shipping details and give you an answer.

Jiaogulan Herbal Tea Gynostemma pentaphyllum 1000g (1kg)

We guarantee you will get a refund of your money if your item is lost or missing - but we must check the details first. We do not give a refund until 30 days or more after the date of shipping. The Buyer is responsible for complying with any import regulations and for the payment of any customs duty or import taxCustomer Service and FeedbackAll our customers are important for us. We are here to give the best possible service to you at all times - but occasionally something may go wrong.

We will give you an answer as soon as possible and do everything we can to answer your question or clear the problemOtherwise - please leave positive feedback after you receive the item and we will do the same for youReturnsWe accept returns within 30 days of the date of purchase.

The Buyer is responsible for shipping charges.

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