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After I get the adds out I pass the paper onto my Grandma who volunteers at the local zoo. They use them for bedding in some of the cages. I found you comment to be very educating and I am just trying to get started at this I am a mother of 6 so I have a major need to save. I would love for you to educate me on this. My first time doing this and I am scatter brained. I use coupons on everything I can and most generally save a ton of money. I saw those expensive organizers on the web and made one for myself.


Here is what you need. Assemble your book according the aisles at your store. For instance. Mine are Freezer, condiments, cans, boxed dinners, ect. I make a table of contents in the beginning. Then after each divider I place a sheet or two of baseball card inserts sheets, and do this until I have all the desired aisles I want. Then I put my coupons in the sleeves, if I have 2 of the same coupon I put them together. Plus I use a top bounded notebook to use on my grocery list, and that flips from page to page with me. Very convinient. I would to know how to do couponing. Can you use 2 of the same coupons for one item?

It took me awhile to understand how to get an item for free,so let me explain. I can understand why this is confusing at first because it took me awhile to understand myself. Happy shopping. I hope this helped. You can not use 2 coupons on the item but the store will sometimes double or triple depending on the value of the coupon and the deals the stores deals that day. You can use two coupons on the same item sometimes, but it has to be a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon.

I built my own organizer much like instructed here. Now, more than ever, I need to coupon. Downloading printable coupons serves most of my needs. My point, though, is that couponing is a pain. Proper organization eliminates the pain. I like being able to see all of my coupons at a glance or it overwhelms me in the store. I also point out that there are commercial organizers available which allow you to see all of your coupons.

You can buy them for the same cost as building one. And couponing can be fun. I would like to join your mailing list becuase I read a few interesting things in here, but the font is so tiny. Office Supplies, Electronics, Ink & More - Staples®

Can you increace the font size so that its more readable. I have to squint to see the words. I am young too. Quick Windows tip. Additional windows tip for larger font… holding Ctrl key and scrolling with a center mouse wheel if equipped. Happy Couponing! I clip every coupon. Then I make a spreadsheet using Excel OpenOffice has a free product that works like Excel, as well and enter in all my coupons. I make a new sheet within the spreadsheet based on product type — I have a sheet for personal care products, cleaning products, freezer, boxed foods, pet products, etc.

On each sheet I put the deal such as [brand name] air freshener, 12oz spray. I organize them all by brand name, usually. So for instance, all the toothpaste coupons are grouped together, and then within that, I group by brand name. Then i sit and wait until the stores run that product on sale. The spreadsheet takes just minutes to make but saves me so much time. I cut every single coupon because I can make money on them. That store advertises which products will get you the store credit, so you can plan accordingly — its not just a gamble.

Which store is that? There is a lady who has a blog that organizes a coupons for troops program of sorts. She takes donations all the time and would make sure that those coupons were put to good use. Although a small gesture, it makes a big impact in supporting our troops where it counts — at home! I was wondering how to get them over seas. I would like to donate the coupons but no clue on how to get them there. Is there anywhere that I can mail them to?

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You could try looking up the USO. I was a military spouse stationed overseas a lot. Those coupons were a life saver! I found the baseball card holders too small for my needs. So, I use photo sheets that hold 6 x 4 and 5 x 7 photos. Each plastic sheet holds 3 pockets and I store them in a 3 ring notebook. I also have in my notebook empty plastic sheets for each store.

After the ads come out, I can go through my coupons and make my list and store them. But when I go shopping, I take my entire book with me to take advantage of any unadvertised specials that I may have a coupon for. The best time to buy sheet protector, binder dividers or even binders is during Back-To-School late July to mid-September. I ended up organizing not just my coupons but also my PTO stuff, customer information I have a paper route with the kids and recipes in different three-inch binders.

My only problem is that I have to wait for the next Back-To-School shopping day for about six more months! I have been clipping coupons for many years. I also keep a list on my computer with the product, any special information such as sizes , amount of coupon and expiration date. All of our local grocery stores have their weekly ad available on the internet, so I review those, make a weekly menu according to my freezer and pantry stock, the store ad and my coupon list. Believe me, this was very helpful when I was feeding 4 teenagers!

I also saved a lot of money by making my own mixes. Several good cookbooks out there for those recipes. Good luck all! Hi Ben, Interesting. I like the simplicity of your storage idea.

How do you file your coupons within each monthly labeled envelope? How do you take the coupons you plan to use at the grocery store all envelopes rubber-banded together or?? How many coupons would you estimate you have in each envelope? Thanks for helping me understand your system.

I use a three ring binder with photo sleeve sheets or even baseball card sheets would work.

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There are four pockets per page. I have mine in ABC order by item or brand like meat, breakfast, baking, air freshners, etc and then label each pocket with a file folder label. It really cuts down on searching time in the store. I love coupons. I use them all the time. The key is to use a store coupon AND a manufactured coupon for each item.

So if a store has a limit of 3 per their in store coupon- I usually get 4 papers so I have just as many manuafactured coupons. And only buying loss leaders at each store helps too. Only buy and stock up on the really cheap sales, they are called loss leaders because the stores usually lose money on those items to get you in the store and buy more. You may go to more stores. But I actually save time and money by doing this and not paying more than I need to for any single item.

Except Milk and Eggs. I belong to a wholesale club which allows the use of manufacturer along with their store coupons.

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Renowned for its outstanding customer service, Quill offers low prices and convenient, efficient ordering from a vast inventory of office supplies. Quill retails technology equipment from computers and copiers to scanners and digital cameras, as well as office furniture, general business supplies, and school items. TrollandToad offers a large selection of Gaming coupon sleeves pages for binders 8th anniversary traditional gift Distribution at Great Prices.

This page can't load Google Maps correctly. Staples mini sheet protectorsDebug [[item. Each acid-free page is made coupon sleeves pages for binders western union rabattkod Gamers Inn. Out of 5, total 10reviews 10 reviews. Binders do take a while to get started, but once up and running they are I found a nice wide variety of different plastic sleeved pages. Current filters: This is a highly efficient diy coupon organizer made from a basic 3 ring binder and complete with calculator.

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I like it so much better than using a coupon organizer. The Frugal Navy Wife How to Organize a Coupon Binder Results 97 - of - These michael kors coupons retailmenot pages are coupon sleeves pages for binders perfect for storing your Coupons. Coupons organizer binderThe medium-weight protectors are Z1BU.

Check out this Coupon Pro Beginners Set to hold your coupons in.

coupon organizer binder office depot Coupon organizer binder office depot
coupon organizer binder office depot Coupon organizer binder office depot
coupon organizer binder office depot Coupon organizer binder office depot
coupon organizer binder office depot Coupon organizer binder office depot
coupon organizer binder office depot Coupon organizer binder office depot

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